Lego Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

This is an important message to all BTTF (Back to the Future) Fans! If you are a BTTF fan then you are in luck because Lego has agreed to make the DeLorean Time Machine a Lego play set! Thanks to the Lego Cuusoo project a lucky designer got his product picked and now every BTTF fan has something to look forward to for this upcoming year! Even though the price and Lego count are still unknown, we do know that the product will be released sometime in 2013 and that Lego Team BTTF are going to alter the original design to make the DeLorean look more like the set from the movie! Thanks to Lego Cuusoo every BTTF fan can have a buildable DeLorean play set!

Check out Lego Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine tracker.

Lego Cuusoo Video:

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