Ninjago Temple of Light

The Ninjago Temple of Light is one of the new Ninjago play sets that will surly amaze any Ninjago fan! This set comes with five minifigures (Lloyd (golden ninja), Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu, scout and swordsman), a golden mech, 565 Lego pieces, and the Temple of Light! The set is for kids ages 8 – 14 and is set number 70505. The Temple of Light has plenty of internal features that really add to the playability of the toy! First the Temple has working doors! Doors are simple but really add more fun and excitement when your kids are actually playing with the Lego’s! Secondly the set has trap doors! Trap doors can be very complicated and will always add excitement into any Lego set! Finally the set has a gong, ladder, and weapon rack for your Ninjago ninja’s to use! The new Ninjago Temple of Light will be released on December 31, 2012 but can still be pre – ordered at Amazon!

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