Razor Delta 500

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It Looks like Razor is expanding their line of toys from scooters and bikes to gel blasters! The Delta 500 is a type of blaster that is very similar to the Xploderz line of guns. The Delta 500 uses gel like material for ammunition. The Delta 500 can shoot up to 80 feet and can hold 100 gel pellets! This cool device is simple and effective. All you have to do is pump and pull the trigger. To load the ammo all you have to do is open a compartment on top of the gun and pour in the gel ammo. Unlike the Xploderz guns, the Delta 500 comes with pre-made ammo and it actually has a trigger mechanism! Using the Delta 500 will no longer be as time consuming, and it will fell more realistic because of the trigger mechanism! The Delta 500 is a perfect way for your kids to get out of the house and still have fun with friends!

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