The Last of Us

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Once again Naughty Dog has proven itself as a big gaming company. Naughty Dog has already announced that they will be releasing a new video game May 7, 2013. The new game will be called “The Last of Us” and it features two main characters, Ellie and Joel. Joel is a man who seems to be in his early to mid 30’s and Ellie is a girl who seems be a young teen. Both characters are surviving in this post apocalyptic world. The game will be played from a third person point of view. At first you would think that this would be a downfall because most successful games now a day are in first person (ex: Call of Duty or Battlefield 3), but in my opinion the third Person view really compliments the game. After watching the demo for the game you really start to realize the effort that was put into the game because the detail in the game is extraordinary! From the cracks in the old buildings to the dirt on Joel’s face, every little detail really stands out! Naughty Dog has already shown us the beauty of their Uncharted games and I believe that the Last of Us will prove to be a big hit. Naughty Dog has already given all PS3 users a reason to be proud and hopefully the Last of Us will continue to boost the reputation of the PS3 and the Naughty Dog company!

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