Crayola Light Designer

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Where do I begin? Well for starters Crayola has practically revolutionized the crayon industry! Crayola no longer focuses on just your average crayon. Even though crayons are fun and original they will always need to be changed like any other toy to keep kids interested! Crayola’s solution for making coloring more fun is by taking all the fun parts of coloring, but placing them on a different background. Instead of paper kids will use a cone shaped digital board to draw their pictures. The Crayola Light Designer allows kids to use their imagination as if they were drawing, but instead of paper kids will use a light up board to place their design! Drawing is not the only cool activity you can do with this cool new toy! You can also create moving pictures and play in actual games! Even though this toy was meant for coloring you can still use it for a variety of other fun activities! The new Crayola Light Designer brings a whole new perspective to the crayon universe! It takes all of the fun aspects of coloring and places it on to a cool neon background! Crayons and colored pencils may still be around for a while but they are starting to feel a little out of place. With all of this new technology coming into the 21st century crayons were going to run out of business eventually, but with the new Crayola Light Designer kids will still enjoy coloring but at a more futuristic level!

Crayola Light Designer was an unpredictable hot toy for 2012.

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Check out the zoolert tracker for this product

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