Fortune Cookie Maker

Fortune cookies have been the most well known Chinese snack for years! For the most part people could only purchase fortune cookies at their local Chinese restaurant, but now you can make your very own fortune cookie to enjoy! With the Fortune Cookie Maker you can shape and mold your very own cookie! The set is perfect for making delicious cookies because you have everything you need to get started! You can make your own cookie as well as make your own fortune to place inside of the cookie! This fortune cookie set is for kids’ ages four and up and is perfect for those little bakers! No cooking is actually involved, so making a cookie for your kids will be simple and fun because you and your kids can make as many fortune cookies as you would like. All you have to do is mold and place the cookies into the microwave to start cooking! You no longer have to order Chinese food to receive your very own fortune cookie. Now you can make these delicious treats right in your own home for the entire family to enjoy!

Fortune Cookie Maker was an unpredictable hot toy for 2012.

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