Lottie Dolls Hands on Review

Meet Lottie, she’s a cute little doll that can easily be taken anywhere. She loves to play outside and participate in many different activities. Some of those activities include going to festivals, playing in the garden, participating in pony flag races, and going on big country walks with her dog Biscuit. Each Lottie doll comes with a background story, and comes in a cute little box that your child can use to carry her doll around in. Cute and intricately detailed, you can collect six versions of Lottie: English Country Garden, Spring Celebration Ballet, Pony Flag Race, Lottivile Festival, Autumn Leaves, and Snow Queen Lottie, as well as separate accessories. These dolls have silky soft hair, and each wear extremely detailed detachable velcro clothes with their own unique quirks.

What’s great about these dolls are that they relay a positive outlook on childhood. None of the Lottie dolls wear inappropriate clothes, makeup, or heels. They were intended for girls 3 and up and give a positive, refreshing image. Each doll is a model of how aged 9 yr old girls really look like, no super skinny waist, large bust, or impossibly long skinny legs. These Lottie doll girls are not intended to look “hot” but lovely. These dolls are high quality dolls that were meant to allow for maximum creativity, with strokable hair that does not tangle easily and detailed life like clothes and accessories. These pretty, fresh looking Lottie Dolls are available on Amazon.com for $19.99 or from www.lottie.com.

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