Fibber Game

This hilarious game is all about what you say. Speak the truth and you’re fine, but get caught lying and your nose will grow. The set comes with 4 eyeglasses, 11 “noses”, and 1 game mat, 24 cards 4 “bigfoot”, 4 “ghost”, 4 “alien”, 4 “witch” 4 “dragon” and 4 wild cards. You and 3-4 players take turns placing down cards in a certain order, saying aloud what card online casino you’re playing. If you don’t have the next card, you have to fib and play a different card. But try not to get caught lying or you’ll pay the consequence by adding another nose piece to your glasses. The player with the shortest nose by the end of the game wins. Simple but fun, this game will test your ability to “stretch the truth” without getting caught. For ages 7 and up, available on sale for $8.97.

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