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Monster High Ghoul’s Alive Dolls

Ghoul’s Alive! is an upcoming collector doll line from Mattel, there are Clawdeen Wolf , Frankie Stein and Spectra. Release date around January 2013.

Monster High Ghoul’s Alive! photo from

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Monster High Ghoul’s Alive! tracker


Nintendo Wii U Conoles Are In Stock Now

If you are looking for Nintendo Wii U 8GB or 32 GB console, you are coming to the right place. We had helped thousands of people getting their HOT toys, video games, video consoles, cameras and electronic gadgets for over five years.

Nintendo Wii U consoles were available for pre-order started last couple months ago. The official release date for Nintendo Wii U console in US is November 18, 2012.

Nintendo Wii U console comes in two different sets:

Wii U 32GB Black Deluxe Set – $349.99

Wii U 8GB White Basic Set – $299.99

Check out Nintendo Wii U console tracker below to find out where they are in stock. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY HOLIDAY!


Lottie Dolls Hands on Review

Meet Lottie, she’s a cute little doll that can easily be taken anywhere. She loves to play outside and participate in many different activities. Some of those activities include going to festivals, playing in the garden, participating in pony flag races, and going on big country walks with her dog Biscuit. Each Lottie doll comes with a background story, and comes in a cute little box that your child can use to carry her doll around in. Cute and intricately detailed, you can collect six versions of Lottie: English Country Garden, Spring Celebration Ballet, Pony Flag Race, Lottivile Festival, Autumn Leaves, and Snow Queen Lottie, as well as separate accessories. These dolls have silky soft hair, and each wear extremely detailed detachable velcro clothes with their own unique quirks.

What’s great about these dolls are that they relay a positive outlook on childhood. None of the Lottie dolls wear inappropriate clothes, makeup, or heels. They were intended for girls 3 and up and give a positive, refreshing image. Each doll is a model of how aged 9 yr old girls really look like, no super skinny waist, large bust, or impossibly long skinny legs. These Lottie doll girls are not intended to look “hot” but lovely. These dolls are high quality dolls that were meant to allow for maximum creativity, with strokable hair that does not tangle easily and detailed life like clothes and accessories. These pretty, fresh looking Lottie Dolls are available on for $19.99 or from

Video hands on review:

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Cake Pop Maker Hands on Review

What are the two sweetest treats you can give a kid? When I hear sweet treat I usually think of candy and cake. These to delicious sweet treats are perfect for any holiday or party, but have you ever thought about combining theses treats to make one ultimate sweet treat? Well the new Cake Pop Maker has combined the lollipop and the cake to make one delicious treat for your kids! The Cake Pop Maker comes with two white cake mix bags, one bag of blue, pink and rainbow sprinkles, and one bag of white and brown icing mix! Now for the actual set; the Cake Pop Maker comes with one Cake Pop Maker base, two arms, and a tube to put your pre-made batter. The set is very easy to assemble and there are two slots to place cups and useful cooking tools! The Cake Pop Maker is not only easy to assemble, but it is also extremely easy to use. All you have to do is add your batter of choice with warm water and mix until you think it is ready. Then you add the batter into the batter holder and twist the batter into four lollipop holders. Once you finish add the lollipop sticks and put it into your refrigerator for 15 minutes or until the batter is ready. Then you can decorate your lollipop and eat up your cake pops! Even though the set seems like a cooking set it really doesn’t require any baking, toasting, or warming! This makes the set perfect for younger kids! The set was simple to use and fun to play with! Baking has never gotten sweater or more exciting!

You can purchase the Cake Pop Maker at

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.


Monster High Picture Day Dolls

Monster High Picture Day Dolls are coming; they are Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, Cleo de Nile and Spectra Vondergiest.

Abbey Abominable

Abbey Draculaura

Cleo de Nile

Spectra Vonderheist

I will create a tracker for Monster High Picture Day Dolls when they are available.

Update: Here is the tracker for Monster High Picture Day Dolls

Here are our current Monster High Doll Trackers.


Fibber Game

This hilarious game is all about what you say. Speak the truth and you’re fine, but get caught lying and your nose will grow. The set comes with 4 eyeglasses, 11 “noses”, and 1 game mat, 24 cards 4 “bigfoot”, 4 “ghost”, 4 “alien”, 4 “witch” 4 “dragon” and 4 wild cards. You and 3-4 players take turns placing down cards in a certain order, saying aloud what card online casino you’re playing. If you don’t have the next card, you have to fib and play a different card. But try not to get caught lying or you’ll pay the consequence by adding another nose piece to your glasses. The player with the shortest nose by the end of the game wins. Simple but fun, this game will test your ability to “stretch the truth” without getting caught. For ages 7 and up, available on sale for $8.97.