Battle Tracker Play Set Hands On Review

Over 10 years of heli R/C experience and finally Air Hogs has broken the ice! The Battle Tracker play set is by far the coolest heli R/C play set that Air Hogs has ever created! The set comes with so many new and unique features that will totally blow your mind! The Battle Tracker play set comes with an A.R.T device, an R/C helicopter, a remote for your heli, an instruction manual, and extra bullets for your A.R.T device. The set has over a ton of different features that you can mess around with! Both the helicopter and the A.R.T device have cool new features that will completely change the R/C world forever! The A.R.T device is probably the coolest part of the play set. The A.R.T device comes equipped with 12 dart slots, unique audios, and the ability to switch from auto play to manual play! The Battle Tracker play set is not only a single player experience. Thanks to the advanced technology that the A.R.T device uses, the Battle Tracker play set can be used by two people! The A.R.T device comes with a remote control that is attached to the back of the device. This allows you to have a person control the A.R.T device, but if you don’t have a buddy to play with then you can always switch to auto play and the A.R.T device will electronically track your helicopter!

Even though the helicopter included in the set may seem ordinary or similar to most Air Hog R/C devices, it actually carries a couple of unique twists that make flying more challenging and fun! The helicopter included in the set comes with a disc throwing device! This disc device can hold up to 7+ discs and can shoot discs out over 10 feet! But even though the helicopter can shoot over 10 feet what is the purpose of this new shooting ability? The new A.R.T device has a satellite disc that connects to top of its head. This satellite reacts to any discs that hit its surface and will automatically shut down the A.R.T device when hit. This weakness in the A.R.T device can lead to multiple battles between the heli R/C and the A.R.T device! Air Hogs is truly expanding the R/C universe and the Battle Tracker play set is a perfect example!

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