AppDrive Hands On Review

Have you ever wanted a more fun and exciting racing experience on your iPhone, iPod, or Android device? If you do then the AppDrive steering wheel is the toy for you! For kids ages 8+ and only $19.99 MSRP the AppDrive steering wheel is perfect for any app driving experience! The AppDrive play set comes equipped with instructions, foam padding for your iPod or android device, and the AppDrive steering wheel. The AppDirve steering wheel is made for the iPhone right out of the box and can easily be set up for any iPhone user, but do not worry because the AppDrive supports the iPod and some android devices. The set comes with foam padding to fill in the missing space in the steering wheel for the device (the AppDrive steering wheel is not compatible with the iPhone or iPod 5). The steering wheel does not need any batteries or screw drivers to operate! The steering wheel has two lock pads on the back that securely hold your device in place. There is absolutely no wobble in the steering wheel and it can easily be taken out of the device. With a super sturdy build, you can enjoy using the AppDrive without worrying about your device falling out during play. The AppDrive is fun to use and can really make driving games more exciting than just playing by hand. The AppDrive device has four buttons that are used for any action that may be required for your racing game. The AppDrive device is mainly used for the new Asphalt 7 game, but I found that it works perfectly with Asphalt 6. These intense racing games can really get you into the zone. With the AppDrive steering wheel you can get in the zone and feel the speed of the race!

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