Orbeez Flower Power Light Show

Light up your home with the Orbeez Flower Power Light show. This set comes with 1,500 orbeez that you soak in water for about 3-4 hours. The orbeez grow to about a marble shaped size and come in eight bright colors. Safe for children 5 and up, these squishy colored balls are non-toxic and easy to grow. Place them into your Flower Power container after they’ve grown and they can give a dark room a kaleidoscopic effect. You can swirl the Flower Power container around and the LED lights will shine through them and the water, and they’ll transform the room. Leave the power on and it can be used as a unique nightlight as your kids fall asleep to its colorful lightshow. After however long you’ve decide to use the Orbeez balls you can safely dispose of them into your trash. Available on Amazon.com for $19.97.

You can purchase the Orbeez Flower Power Light Show at Amazon

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