Air Hogs Heli Replay R/C

Have you ever thought about taking flying to the next level? Well Air Hogs has you covered! With the new Air Hogs Heli Replay R/C you can fly and capture your amazing flight all over again! The Heli Replay R/C comes with, an instruction manual, an IR transmitter, tools to fix the rotor, 2 spare rotors, the remote control with charger, and the Heli Replay. The set seems like an average Air Hogs Heli set, but in reality it is a lot more fun! First of all the set uses gyro controls to make flying a lot simpler, also the set comes with a replay setting that allows you to playback your previous flight! Even though I enjoyed the replay feature on the Heli Replay, in my opinion it was not the best feature about the helicopter!

The Best part about the set was the gyro controls! The Gyro controls made flying the helicopter effortless and fun. Unlike previous Air Hog models, the Heli Replay was not hard or difficult to fly. The only downside to the gyro controls is that you need some time to get use to the new controls otherwise the turning on the helicopter was a lot more precise and accurate when flying. Another amazing feature about the Heli Replay is that it allows you to fly your helicopter using your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device! All you have to do is attach your IR transmitter into the headphone port on your device to start flying your Heli Replay (you will need to download the Air Hogs Remote on to your device)! Overall the Heli Replay was easy to fly and fun to use. The new Heli Replay is one of the better Air Hogs heli R/C’s and can surly make any holiday season a lot more fun!

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