Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper

The RC Ladybug scooper is a unique toy that eats up Orbeez as well as poops them out! This hilariously fun toy comes with 2,000 Orbeez in 10 different bright colors that you can grow by placing in water for 4 hours, the ladybug scooper itself, a remote control, and a 16 page activity/instruction booklet. This RC remote control toy is not like any other, for example the center of its controller has a special button that you can press to poop out colorful Orbeez! Then you can clean everything up by using the controller to direct your RC ladybug to scoop the Orbeez back into its shell, or you can manually control it yourself, then push the button again to restart all the fun! Simple to use, this RC ladybug lights up, chirps and flaps its wings as it moves around. Beware of using this RC on carpeted floors for it can stick and be hard for the Ladybug to pick up, batteries are also not included. Otherwise, this is a cute looking; fun toy for ages 5 and up, this RC ladybug is available on Amazon.com for $29.99.

You can purchase the Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper at Amazon!

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