Walking Dead TV Game

It’s time to put your survival skills to the test in the this brand new plug and play game by TV Games. Based on the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead”, this single person high action game is ready for ANY TV! No expensive game system needed, just open the box, insert your batteries (3AAA and 2AA *not included*), plug into your television set, and get ready to finally put the walking dead to rest! Dozens of levels can be played in multiple modes such as Hoard Mode, Free Mode, or Story Mode. Don’t let the one person game play keep you from sharing the fun! Easy to use as a competition style challenge, this game is fun for the whole family! (recommended for 8 and up, but any zombie hunter who is ready can point and shoot!) The large shotgun style rifle has a sensor to pick off the zombies on the screen, and even the console itself is carved out to look like the hungry living dead!

The Walking Dead plug and play game can be found at major retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us and while fairly hot and can be hard to find locally, usually can be found online for around 39.99. Current online ratings give this game a cool 4out of 5 stars and boasts being easy to use and fun as well as having lots of levels to keep from getting boring. Do you have what it takes to fight off the hoard of blood thirsty zombies?

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