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Battle Tracker Play Set Hands On Review

Over 10 years of heli R/C experience and finally Air Hogs has broken the ice! The Battle Tracker play set is by far the coolest heli R/C play set that Air Hogs has ever created! The set comes with so many new and unique features that will totally blow your mind! The Battle Tracker play set comes with an A.R.T device, an R/C helicopter, a remote for your heli, an instruction manual, and extra bullets for your A.R.T device. The set has over a ton of different features that you can mess around with! Both the helicopter and the A.R.T device have cool new features that will completely change the R/C world forever! The A.R.T device is probably the coolest part of the play set. The A.R.T device comes equipped with 12 dart slots, unique audios, and the ability to switch from auto play to manual play! The Battle Tracker play set is not only a single player experience. Thanks to the advanced technology that the A.R.T device uses, the Battle Tracker play set can be used by two people! The A.R.T device comes with a remote control that is attached to the back of the device. This allows you to have a person control the A.R.T device, but if you don’t have a buddy to play with then you can always switch to auto play and the A.R.T device will electronically track your helicopter!

Even though the helicopter included in the set may seem ordinary or similar to most Air Hog R/C devices, it actually carries a couple of unique twists that make flying more challenging and fun! The helicopter included in the set comes with a disc throwing device! This disc device can hold up to 7+ discs and can shoot discs out over 10 feet! But even though the helicopter can shoot over 10 feet what is the purpose of this new shooting ability? The new A.R.T device has a satellite disc that connects to top of its head. This satellite reacts to any discs that hit its surface and will automatically shut down the A.R.T device when hit. This weakness in the A.R.T device can lead to multiple battles between the heli R/C and the A.R.T device! Air Hogs is truly expanding the R/C universe and the Battle Tracker play set is a perfect example!

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AppDrive Hands On Review

Have you ever wanted a more fun and exciting racing experience on your iPhone, iPod, or Android device? If you do then the AppDrive steering wheel is the toy for you! For kids ages 8+ and only $19.99 MSRP the AppDrive steering wheel is perfect for any app driving experience! The AppDrive play set comes equipped with instructions, foam padding for your iPod or android device, and the AppDrive steering wheel. The AppDirve steering wheel is made for the iPhone right out of the box and can easily be set up for any iPhone user, but do not worry because the AppDrive supports the iPod and some android devices. The set comes with foam padding to fill in the missing space in the steering wheel for the device (the AppDrive steering wheel is not compatible with the iPhone or iPod 5). The steering wheel does not need any batteries or screw drivers to operate! The steering wheel has two lock pads on the back that securely hold your device in place. There is absolutely no wobble in the steering wheel and it can easily be taken out of the device. With a super sturdy build, you can enjoy using the AppDrive without worrying about your device falling out during play. The AppDrive is fun to use and can really make driving games more exciting than just playing by hand. The AppDrive device has four buttons that are used for any action that may be required for your racing game. The AppDrive device is mainly used for the new Asphalt 7 game, but I found that it works perfectly with Asphalt 6. These intense racing games can really get you into the zone. With the AppDrive steering wheel you can get in the zone and feel the speed of the race!

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CONTEST OVER: Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient Giveaway

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Here is the full hands on review for Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient.

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Air Hogs Heli Replay R/C

Have you ever thought about taking flying to the next level? Well Air Hogs has you covered! With the new Air Hogs Heli Replay R/C you can fly and capture your amazing flight all over again! The Heli Replay R/C comes with, an instruction manual, an IR transmitter, tools to fix the rotor, 2 spare rotors, the remote control with charger, and the Heli Replay. The set seems like an average Air Hogs Heli set, but in reality it is a lot more fun! First of all the set uses gyro controls to make flying a lot simpler, also the set comes with a replay setting that allows you to playback your previous flight! Even though I enjoyed the replay feature on the Heli Replay, in my opinion it was not the best feature about the helicopter!

The Best part about the set was the gyro controls! The Gyro controls made flying the helicopter effortless and fun. Unlike previous Air Hog models, the Heli Replay was not hard or difficult to fly. The only downside to the gyro controls is that you need some time to get use to the new controls otherwise the turning on the helicopter was a lot more precise and accurate when flying. Another amazing feature about the Heli Replay is that it allows you to fly your helicopter using your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device! All you have to do is attach your IR transmitter into the headphone port on your device to start flying your Heli Replay (you will need to download the Air Hogs Remote on to your device)! Overall the Heli Replay was easy to fly and fun to use. The new Heli Replay is one of the better Air Hogs heli R/C’s and can surly make any holiday season a lot more fun!

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Orbeez Flower Power Light Show

Light up your home with the Orbeez Flower Power Light show. This set comes with 1,500 orbeez that you soak in water for about 3-4 hours. The orbeez grow to about a marble shaped size and come in eight bright colors. Safe for children 5 and up, these squishy colored balls are non-toxic and easy to grow. Place them into your Flower Power container after they’ve grown and they can give a dark room a kaleidoscopic effect. You can swirl the Flower Power container around and the LED lights will shine through them and the water, and they’ll transform the room. Leave the power on and it can be used as a unique nightlight as your kids fall asleep to its colorful lightshow. After however long you’ve decide to use the Orbeez balls you can safely dispose of them into your trash. Available on for $19.97.

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Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper

The RC Ladybug scooper is a unique toy that eats up Orbeez as well as poops them out! This hilariously fun toy comes with 2,000 Orbeez in 10 different bright colors that you can grow by placing in water for 4 hours, the ladybug scooper itself, a remote control, and a 16 page activity/instruction booklet. This RC remote control toy is not like any other, for example the center of its controller has a special button that you can press to poop out colorful Orbeez! Then you can clean everything up by using the controller to direct your RC ladybug to scoop the Orbeez back into its shell, or you can manually control it yourself, then push the button again to restart all the fun! Simple to use, this RC ladybug lights up, chirps and flaps its wings as it moves around. Beware of using this RC on carpeted floors for it can stick and be hard for the Ladybug to pick up, batteries are also not included. Otherwise, this is a cute looking; fun toy for ages 5 and up, this RC ladybug is available on for $29.99.

You can purchase the Orbeez RC Ladybug Scooper at Amazon!

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Walking Dead TV Game

It’s time to put your survival skills to the test in the this brand new plug and play game by TV Games. Based on the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead”, this single person high action game is ready for ANY TV! No expensive game system needed, just open the box, insert your batteries (3AAA and 2AA *not included*), plug into your television set, and get ready to finally put the walking dead to rest! Dozens of levels can be played in multiple modes such as Hoard Mode, Free Mode, or Story Mode. Don’t let the one person game play keep you from sharing the fun! Easy to use as a competition style challenge, this game is fun for the whole family! (recommended for 8 and up, but any zombie hunter who is ready can point and shoot!) The large shotgun style rifle has a sensor to pick off the zombies on the screen, and even the console itself is carved out to look like the hungry living dead!

The Walking Dead plug and play game can be found at major retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us and while fairly hot and can be hard to find locally, usually can be found online for around 39.99. Current online ratings give this game a cool 4out of 5 stars and boasts being easy to use and fun as well as having lots of levels to keep from getting boring. Do you have what it takes to fight off the hoard of blood thirsty zombies?


Winx Flora Costume Hands On Review

With Halloween fast approaching costumes are going fast. If your child loves the Winx Hero’s or just loves fairies and magic in general, then this is the costume for them. Transform into Flora from the Winx Club with this Flora costume. With this one-piece outfit, including beautifully detailed wings, a dress attached to a green sparkly tutu and pink petal skirt, a green sequenced band around the waist, a pink bodice, a pink flowery top and two pink fabric bracelets, your child can be a Flora look alike. Other Winx Club look a likes are also available; you can purchase your costume today on

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Flip Force Cars

Flip over backwards for the Flip Force Cars by Wowwee. These cars are super easy to use, pick up the tab on the back of the cars and flip them over, like that you’ve got yourself a brand new car. Both sides of the cars are free-wheeling fun. There are many cars to collect in all, as well as launch sets you can purchase separately for more fun. Purchase one of these cars and you get twice the fun, action and adventurous play. Each car is about 3.5 inches tall, for ages 4 and up.

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2012 New York Comic Con

If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s New York Comic Con then don’t fret because zoolert has got you covered! This year at the New York Comic Con we were able to see a ton of new and cool products that everyone has been looking forward to for this upcoming holiday! One of the coolest and most anticipated products that we were able to see at this year’s Comic Con was Assassins Creed 3! The game was probably one of the cooler products we were able to see because Ubisoft didn’t just just have some lame booth out for show, but instead they had a room where they had a live game play of their new video game! Yes I said it live game play of Assassins Creed 3! Unfortunately we were unable to film the game play because it was prohibited but at least we can give you some information about the game. From the looks of the game the fighting and assassinations are a lot cleaner than the previous Assassins Creed games, the game allows you to actually climb trees, and you have a more interactive environment! For instance some characters in the game will talk to you if you pass by! Ubisoft also added cool new assassinations into the game. For instance you have the ability to use a rope dart that latches onto your foes! Sounds cool right? Well it gets even better, once you have them on your rope dart you can suspend them in mid air if you’re on a tree by jumping off the tree and pulling the rope down!

Assassins Creed 3 wasn’t the only big hit at this year’s Comic Con. Just Dance 4 also attracted quite an audience. They actually had people get up on a mini stage and dance to different styles of music! With clearer visuals and some cool songs Just Dance 4 is another game to look forward to for this upcoming holiday. Other gaming companies were showing off their cool new games as well. For instance Sony had a ton of new PS Vita games and their new God of War game out; Resident Evil 6 and World of Tanks were also there to show off their new products, and the Wii U was also their stealing a large chunk of the Comic Con audience! This year’s Comic Con had a ton of new games, but even with all of the fantastic new games coming out they didn’t forget about the comic books! With over a thousand different and fantastic comic books for sale we just couldn’t wait to see them all! From the Walking Dead to vintage Marvel comic books it was every comic book fans dream! Aside from all of the cool games and comic books there were also a ton of cool costumes at the Comic Con as well! Some people had more professional and cooler looking costumes than other but all together it was really cool and unique seeing all of these people showing off their favorite comic book and video game characters! This year’s New York Comic Con was a blast. With over a dozen different games and a ton of cool comics it surly would make any comic or video game fan go crazy!

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