S.L.U.G Zombies Hands on Review

The zombies are back and ready for some ZOMBIE FUN! The S.L.U.G Zombies are the scary little ugly guys that are sure to make this Halloween a little spookier! There are 12 different S.L.U.G Zombies to collect and are for kid’s ages four and up. The set comes with a sheet of paper that has every S.L.U.G Zombie with a description of each zombie/survivor. The set also comes with ALL of the S.L.U.G Zombies from the series 2 line up. The set is a great way to start a collection of zombies and survivors! In the set there are not only zombies but also the survivors that you can collect! Each color represents a zombie or survivor. The light brown color means that they are a survivor while the green color means that they have been infected and turned into a zombie. The set comes with only two survivors and ten zombies! This can make playing with the action figures fun because you can put the survivors in a horde of zombies and make them fight side by side or you can play different scenarios with the multiple zombies! The S.L.U.G Zombies are a fun collectible toy that has both the living and the dead for you to collect!

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