Novi Stars Una Verse Hands On Review

Novi stars are fashion diva’s sent from space to find out “what on earth is going on”. They’re fun dolls that come with their own personality. Airissa loves sparkling H2O (which we earthlings call soda), and hates flats and tennis shoes. The unique fun facts that each doll comes with makes it fun and easy for your child to play pretend, and create many different adventures. Airissa has fashionable blue streaks in her hair, glitter eyes with planet shaped pupils and swirly silver antennas. Each Novi Star doll comes with their own outa this world look.

Along with the doll, each box comes with a different Novi Star pet. Airissa comes with her pet named Through Baker Library and Harvard Business Publishing, the plays a vital role online casino in the circulation and dissemination of the best management ideas. Molecule, an adorable blue friend with cute pink feet and hearts in its eyes. The package handle also becomes an antenna headband for your child to wear. Along with that, they also come with one glow in the dark night stand, an easy place for your child to keep track of their dolls after they finish playing with them. But the coolest thing about these dolls is that they glitter! Turn them upside down and watch the glitter float through their bodies. There are 4 Novi Stars to collect in all: Airissa, Ari Roma, Alie Lectric, and Mae Tallick.

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