Bratzillaz Meygana Broomstix Hands on Review

A whole new series of Bratz dolls are once again hitting the shelves of toy stores everywhere! The Bratzillaz dolls are the new definition of glam and wicked! These dolls all have their own unique monster twist! Meygana is one of the dolls in the new Bratzillaz series that uses her broomstix to make this upcoming Halloween more exciting! The set comes with your Meygana doll, a broomstix, a comb, and a doll stand which can be very useful for decorating your Meygana doll. Like most dolls you have the option of posing her arms and legs because of the flexible joints in her body, you also have the onption of holding her in a certain pose and using your stand to keep her upright! The doll is very detailed; with very light blue eyes, red hair, tattoos, and her cloths. Besides the dolls great external features, it is also very sturdy and can handle quite a bit of abuse from your kids in case they accidentally drop or throw the dolls unexpectedly. The set also comes with a spell card that can be used to activate the online features of the doll! The doll is a great way for your kids to get into the Halloween spirit and make Halloween just a little more fun!

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