Fabulous 15 Toys from Toys R Us

Kmart and Walmart came out their hot toy lists and now Toys R Us has revealed its own. As I mentioned on Kmart and Walmart top toy lists, two of the well known toys make it on to Toy R Us’s, the LeapPad 2 and the Furby. I agreed with Kmart, Walmart and TRU for picking LeapPad 2 and Furby as the 2012 hot toys. If you are planning to buy these two toys for your kids this holiday, you need to act fast.

Below are the Fabulous 15 toys from Toys R Us:

zooLert has most of TRU’s Fabulous 15 Toy trackers already setup. Check it out, zooLert Hot and New toy trackers.

TRU Fabulous 15 Toys for 2012

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