Scan 2 Go Hands On Review

Ready, set, GO! It’s time to race with the all new Scan 2 Go race set! This new toy is not your average race set! It comes with a newly designed car that will randomly accelerate when a card is swiped over the hood of the car! This new car creates a cool and exciting feel when racing your Scan 2 Go cars! The set comes with one circle racing track, one Flagor vehicle, eight power cards, four turbo cards and one instruction manual. The Instructions come with simple and easy to read guides on how to use and race your cars as well as simple designs for your race track! After using the set I was quite amused and shocked as to how the Flagor car worked. First you would set a Power card by sliding it along the car, and then you could set a certain amount of Turbo boosts the car would take during its race around the track! The set itself is fun and entertaining, but it would be a lot better with more cars or a friend to race with. Overall the set is fun and could potentially be even more fun with more cars! The turbo boost on the car is a nice touch to keep your kids entertained, instead of just watching it go around in a circle at the same speed!

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