Micro Chargers Jump Track Hands On Review

Are you ready to take racing to a whole new level! The Micro Charger Cars have taken racing to a smaller scale that is both entertaining and exciting! These cars may be small, but that is what makes them unique! Each car has its own design and can travel over 600 mph scale speed! The set comes with one jump track, two micro charger remotes, two micro charger cars, and an instruction manual. Using and assembling the set is very simple! The instruction manual gives a quick and easy guide on how to use and assemble the track and if you are having a hard time following the instructions there are a ton of visuals to keep you on track! Getting your cars started is simple and easy. All you have to do is apply two AAA batteries into the remote and then you can place your micro charger car into the gate of the remote and hold down the red button to charge. Your micro charger cars take only two seconds to charge and are ready to ride! Once your cars are charged you place the remote on to the track and click the yellow button to release your car! Overall the set was fun to use and watching the cars race was exciting, the only minor problem I ran in to was that sometimes the cars go to fast and flip over when racing, other than that the set was a blast! Get ready to race on a whole new scale of fun with the Micro Chargers Jump Track play set!

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