Lego Lord of the Rings

This year Lego has been as busy as a bee! So far Lego is continuing to release new Lego sets to some of their most popular Lego series as well as expanding and creating new Lego categories such as their new Marvel Lego Super Heroes. All of these new sets have really expanded the Lego Universe and now Lego is going to continue to expand upon their Lego universe by adding the new Lord of the Rings Lego sets! These new Lego sets will feature characters from the movie as well as scenes from the movie. You could say that these new Lego sets would be very similar to the Kingdom sets, but you would be incorrect because even though these new sets will feature horses, sword, and castles the Lord of the rings Lego sets will have different monsters like the Orcs and spiders. Also these sets will be more closely related to some scenes in the movie separating the Lord of the Rings series from the Kingdom series. These new series of Lego’s will help expand the Lego Universe and make collecting and building a lot more fun!

Here is our video of the Lord of the Rings Lego from the Toy Fair

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