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Bubble Guppies Plush Dolls

Soon to be released, these Bubble Guppy Plush Dolls make great additions to any child’s stuffed animal collection. Especially great for Bubble guppy lovers, these dolls are about 9 inches tall, 8 inches wide and suitable for toddlers ages one and up. Collect all the characters so your child can reenact adventures from the Bubble Guppy show, or better yet create adventures of their own. Also available are bubble Guppy DVD’s, books, activity books, and more. The release date for these plush toys is October 20, 2012 or you can pre-order on for $11.99.

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Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 HD

Get ready to make math fun with Hyperblast 2. Created by the award winning Math Blaster series, this app includes 40 fun filled, action packed levels of math fun.

Your child can choose between three different settings of easy, medium, and hard levels. Including six math subjects, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and standard form your child will become well rounded in each of these important skills.

Maneuver your hypercyle and hero through obstacles, shoot flying objects out of your way, and reach the alien boss to complete the level and unlock new weapons, ammo, and yet more levels! With four differently themed levels nbso and alien bosses your child will be entertained while learning math! Hyperblast 2 includes amazing 3D graphics and kid-friendly controls/instructions.

Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 HD is a great game to consider especially for long car rides. You can download this game from iTunes for $4.99.

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Disney Doc McStuffin

Meet Disney Junior’s newest addition! Doc McStuffin is a fun loving, sweet doctor who fixes up toys and brings them to life. She gives them personal checkups, fixes their boo boos, and teaches them how to stay happy and healthy. Once she’s done with helping them get back to health, she records all of their injuries in her big boo boo book for when she might need the information again.
Doc McStuffin is a great inspiration for kids. Parents will love the way this doctor analyzes situations to make the right diagnoses for her toy patients, helping kids to learn problem solving skills as well as critical thinking skills. Not only that, but she also helps to reiterate healthy behaviors, such as eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising daily. With the regular checkups she constantly does for her toy friends, she can help your kids overcome their fear of going to the doctors by showing them how painless it really is.

Collect Doc McStuffin doctor’s kits and let your kid’s imaginations run wild, diagnosing illnesses and treating their imaginary patients. You can even purchase doctor’s outfits. Perfect for Halloween costumes or for year round dress-up fun. Purchase her boo boo book so your kids can create and keep their own records of boo boos. A hardcover spiral bound book, with wipe off pages, notebook paper, 2 dry erase crayons, and sparkly stickers. Along with that, you can collect DVD’s, Doc McStuffin stuffed animals, and books (available Jan 2013). Let your kid’s imaginations run free as they aspire to become great doctors like Doc McStuffin.

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VTech InnoTab 2 Tracker

If you have not yet taken a look at our Inno-Tab 2 blog than now is the time to Check it out because the new InnoTab 2 tablets are selling! The InnoTab 2 is a great learning tool for kids of all ages! The original InnoTab worked wonders, with firsthand experience I can say that the original InnoTab had almost no flaws (except for the fact that the InnoTab did not come with a camera), the InnoTab has a wonderful and easy to use touch screen and a big stylus great for gripping! All of these features will make the InnoTab 2 an even better tablet because now, finally VTech decided to add a camera to their new tablet! The InnoTab 2 will have a very similar design to the InnoTab which will make getting used to the InnoTab 2 very easy, especially if you already have an InnoTab! These Tablets are growing fast and will surly have a huge role in the tablet industry!

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CONTEST OVER: Disney Pixar Cars AppMates Giveaway

All racing games on the iPad are very similar. Each one will usually make you tilt or turn your iPad like a steering wheel and other buttons on the iPad will include drifting and so on. Spin Master has decided that enough is enough and they have created a new and improved racing game for the iPad that can really keep your kids entertained. AppMates is a new mobile application that includes a real toy car! These cars are designed after the characters from the movie Cars 2 and have the ability to ride on your iPad! Unlike any other app I have seen the AppMates Mobile application toys are unique and use real toys to make the app come to life. Now you will be able to race with Matter, Lightning Mcqueen, Finn Mcmissile and so much more! Once you download the free app you can place your toy on the iPad screen and you can explore the world with your favorite Cars characters!

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Lego Lord of the Rings

This year Lego has been as busy as a bee! So far Lego is continuing to release new Lego sets to some of their most popular Lego series as well as expanding and creating new Lego categories such as their new Marvel Lego Super Heroes. All of these new sets have really expanded the Lego Universe and now Lego is going to continue to expand upon their Lego universe by adding the new Lord of the Rings Lego sets! These new Lego sets will feature characters from the movie as well as scenes from the movie. You could say that these new Lego sets would be very similar to the Kingdom sets, but you would be incorrect because even though these new sets will feature horses, sword, and castles the Lord of the rings Lego sets will have different monsters like the Orcs and spiders. Also these sets will be more closely related to some scenes in the movie separating the Lord of the Rings series from the Kingdom series. These new series of Lego’s will help expand the Lego Universe and make collecting and building a lot more fun!

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