Activision’s New Walking Dead Game

This season has been pretty crazy when it comes to announcing new Walking Dead products! This summer has been packed and loaded with an immense amount of announcements on new Walking Dead games/T.V. show! First the Walking Dead Season 3 has been releasing teasers for their new season; Telltale has released three episodes to their creative new game, and finally Activision; yes Activision will be adding another zombie game to the Walking Dead title! Activision is creating a game that will put you in the footsteps of Daryl Dixon. Daryl and Merle are brothers both surviving the zombie apocalypse. In this game you will have to be smart and quick when it comes to most situations. Even though this will be a shooter game you are still in a world inhabited by zombies, this world is low on supplies therefore you cannot just walk around killing every zombie you see. You have to be smart and you need to hold onto your resources for as long as possible. The game will be released some time in 2013 and will be released for the PC, Xbox Live, and Play Station Network.

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