Walking Dead Game: Episode 3 Long Road Ahead

This August Telltale has announced that they will be releasing the new episode to their Walking Dead Game. Telltale has already created two episodes, each with its own unique twist. Also Telltale has released the demo to episode one of the Walking Dead game, it has been out for quite some time now and can still be downloaded! After playing the demo and playing episode 2 with my friends I can truly say that the Walking Dead games are very unique. This game is based on the choices you make; each choice could lead to major consequences that could rip your group apart. Being a fan of the T.V show and the comic book I would have to say that this game is a cool twist to the entire Walking Dead series. The game has a comic book fell to it, from the graphics to the animations. The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead will be a fresh new start for all gamers because of the different playing style Telltale has created!

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