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Avengers Lego Sets

Hopefully everyone has seen the new Avengers movie because unlike any other movie I have seen this year the Avengers are one of the coolest gang of super heroes I have ever seen! With great special effects and of course being a serious/hilarious movie the Avengers has to be one of my top movies this year, but this isn’t going to be a blog where I go on and on about how fantastic the movie is, Lego has already started to create new Lego Avengers sets! These cool sets will of course feature your favorite super heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Black widow. Not all of the sets will feature ever super hero but you can slowly purchase each set to obtain each Hero. These new sets are very well thought out and can surly satisfy any kids imagination! Hopefully Lego will continue to create new Avengers Lego sets to help expand upon the Lego universe!

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Skylanders Giants Trackers

Being the number one kid’s game of 2011, Skylanders have raided the shelves of many retailers and caught the eye of many. Activision has really proved themselves as a good gaming company! Now you think with such a huge success Activision would either stop or just create miniature updates to improve the game, but instead Activision is going to create a whole new series that will add onto the Skylanders game. Skylanders Giants will feature new Skylander Monsters that are huge powerful monsters! The new Skylanders Giants game will feature 40 new monsters and a whole new game play that will incorporate the use of these new Giant Sklyanders. This new game will be for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and the 3DS. This game can be pre-ordered now at Amazon and will be released on October 21, 2012.

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LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer Tracker

Last year, LeapPad was very popular and sold out quickly during the holiday. Now LeapPad 2 is starting to get popular. Is it going to repeat the same as last year? Check out our LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer tracker.

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Skylanders Giants Swarm

Again, Activision introduces another new giant character for Skylanders Giants and his name is Swarm. He is an enormous bee from the air elemental class.

Bring the Sting!
Element: AIR
Character Type: Giant
Bio: Swarm was once a prince from a proud race of mysterious insect warriors that had built their entire civilization inside a giant honeycombed pyramid. Growing up as one of the 9,000 members of the royal family, he was never permitted to leave the hive. But unlike his brethren, there was a magical quality to Swarm that caused him to grow much larger than the rest of his kind. No longer able to fit amongst the rest of his colony, the young prince broke the long standing tradition and stepped out into the open world – where his size and strength would be put to good use in the legendary battle between the Giants and the Arkeyans.

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God of War: Ascension

God of War is returning with a brand new game that will be released on March 12, 2013! God of War: Ascension will feature a new online multiplayer which still keeps the style and feel of the game. From what I’ve seen God of War will still keep it’s fantastic graphics along with its super intense and super gory game play! In this multiplayer feature you have the option to taken down a Cyclops with your partner! Even though there is a ton of commotion and excitement for the new multiplayer feature, Sony will still make the single player as epic as possible because as most God of War fans know the franchise is known for its amazing story line! Hopefully the Multiplayer will be enough to keep the fans entertained while also dragging in new gamers to the franchise!


Furby Has Returned

Can you believe it! After 14 years Furby has finally returned! It has been so long since the last time we’ve seen these fuzzy friends on the shelves. Finally you will be able to purchase these fuzzy little friends this year sometime during the fall. Each Furby can be purchased for around $60; in addition to the new Furby toy an app will also be released which will be able to translate what Furby says! Instead of the old Furby toys the new and enhanced Furby toy will interact and respond to your actions. Furby will now have the ability to interact with the actions you throw at it, for instance if you turn on the radio the Furby will start dancing, or when you shake him he will begin to laugh! Furby also comes equipped with eyes that are light up LCD screens; this will now give Furby the ability to move his eyes. Also Furby comes equipped with motorized ears that move! The only downfall of the toy is that it doesn’t come with an off switch, other than that Furby seems like a great new addition to the Furby series of toys. Hasbro has really showed that they are capable of producing amazing toys and the new Furby 2012 Edition is a perfect example of Hasbro’s capabilities!

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Activision’s New Walking Dead Game

This season has been pretty crazy when it comes to announcing new Walking Dead products! This summer has been packed and loaded with an immense amount of announcements on new Walking Dead games/T.V. show! First the Walking Dead Season 3 has been releasing teasers for their new season; Telltale has released three episodes to their creative new game, and finally Activision; yes Activision will be adding another zombie game to the Walking Dead title! Activision is creating a game that will put you in the footsteps of Daryl Dixon. Daryl and Merle are brothers both surviving the zombie apocalypse. In this game you will have to be smart and quick when it comes to most situations. Even though this will be a shooter game you are still in a world inhabited by zombies, this world is low on supplies therefore you cannot just walk around killing every zombie you see. You have to be smart and you need to hold onto your resources for as long as possible. The game will be released some time in 2013 and will be released for the PC, Xbox Live, and Play Station Network.


Novi Stars Dolls

Preview of the Novi Stars dolls line from MGA, these Novi Stars dolls will be released around August 2012.

Novi Stars doll names are Mae Tallic, Alie Lectric, Una Verse and Ari Roma

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Check out our Novi Stars Doll tracker.

Video from Novi Stars:


Walking Dead Game: Episode 3 Long Road Ahead

This August Telltale has announced that they will be releasing the new episode to their Walking Dead Game. Telltale has already created two episodes, each with its own unique twist. Also Telltale has released the demo to episode one of the Walking Dead game, it has been out for quite some time now and can still be downloaded! After playing the demo and playing episode 2 with my friends I can truly say that the Walking Dead games are very unique. This game is based on the choices you make; each choice could lead to major consequences that could rip your group apart. Being a fan of the T.V show and the comic book I would have to say that this game is a cool twist to the entire Walking Dead series. The game has a comic book fell to it, from the graphics to the animations. The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead will be a fresh new start for all gamers because of the different playing style Telltale has created!


New Monster High Scary Tales Dolls

Mattel has done it again with new Monster High Scary Tales dolls.

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Monster High Scary Tales Clawdeen Wolf

Monster High Scary Tales Draculaura

Monster High Scary Tales Frankie Stein

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