Dizzy Dancers Hands On Review

Move out of the way because Dizzy Dancers are spinning your way. With eight of these adorable spinning animals to collect, your child will enjoy learning new tricks using each characters Twistin Tricks Card. Each Dizzy Dancer comes with a spinning base, a Dizzy Cord, a Twistin Tricks Card and the Dizzy Dancer. They’re easy to use and a blast to play with, you can even mix and match the Dizzy Dancer’s Twirlin Base to keep the fun going. It’s simple, just place the Dizzy Cord into the Dizzy Twirlin Base, then pull and let go! You’ll see how fast these furry friends spin and dance around the room. Dizzy Dancers are for ages 4 nbso online casino reviews and up, the retail price on these Dizzy Dancers are $8.99 each. With different dancers like HuskieBelle, CeCeSpots, Matialda, PippiPetalz, Zazzee, and Klawtilda the fun will spin on. Dizzy Dancers Deluxe Dance Studio is $19.99.

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Dizzy Dancers are $8.99 each

Dizzy Dancers Hillyhoot Chipalu Whirlpower Collection 2-Pack is $15.99

Dizzy Dancers Deluxe Dance Studio is $24.99.

Available at Walmart

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