LeapPad 2 and Leapster GS Are Coming

Get excited for LeapFrog’s new LeapPad 2 and LeapsterGS. Upon being released these two new toys combined, have received over 70 awards and or accolades. John Barbour, chief executive officer at LeapFrog says “It was one of the hottest and hardest-to-find kids” products last holiday season, and it received significant praise from parents, educators and the industry”.

The LeapPad 2 offers higher resolution front-and-back cameras and video recorders. Along with a faster LF 2000 processor and double the memory (4 GB), LeapFrog houses this all in a kid-friendly, durable design. Easy to hold and carry around, the LeapPad can be carried with your child to grocery marts, waiting rooms, and on long car rides, essentially everywhere! The LeapPad 2 also comes with improved battery life that works with its new internal battery system and recharger pack (available separately). Coming with the LeapPad 2 is extensive free content, such as a music player with five LeapFrog learning songs, a new Cartoon Director Creativity app, a Pet Pad writing app, and your child’s choice of an additional app. Available at $99.99, for children 3 -9.

LeapFrog’s Learning Game System has been awarded the #1 selling learning game handheld and Educational Toy of the Year from the Toy Industry Association. This educational gaming system is stuffed with enriching games that both your kids and you can agree on. Revolutionizing the way your kids learn, the LeapsterGS has a new thinner, sleek design, a larger screen, and built-in motion sensor camera and video recorder, and another great plus is that the LeapsterGS also comes with a compatible new internal battery system and recharger nbso online casino reviews pack (available separately). Kids will enjoy taking charge of the action filled games with the Leapster’s built-in motion sensors. Tilting and shaking their way through the games will make the learning more hands on and interactive. To further their interactions with the games, your child can put themselves right into the games using the built-in camera, video recorder and microphone. Coming with the LeapsterGS is the new “Escape of the Sillies” game app, the Pet Pad writing app, and your child’s choice of any additional app. Available at $69.99, for children 4-9.

LeapFrog’s content is safe and age appropriate, and whether your little girls and boys want superhero action, princess fun, or to just explore their inner artist or musician, each Leapfrog cartridge/app is concentrated on helping teach your kids its core learning skills, while surrounding its learning in fun. The games reinforce important academic skills and will help kids achieve their ultimate potential; using these two new gaming systems, the best-in-class curriculum through LeapFrog, engages content and multimedia learning platforms your children will be able to enjoy. Downloadable apps are priced at $5.00 and game cartridges at $24.99.

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