Trash Pack Dunk’n Dumpster Hands On Review

The Trash Pack products are growing and that means that you are going to need a place to store all of your cool Trashies! This cool place has to be worthy of storing your gross gang, and there is only one place cool enough for your Trashies to live in. This place is the Dunk’n Dumpster! The Dunk’n Dumpster comes with two Trashies, two trash cans, and one Dunk’n Dumpster. The Dunk’n Dumpster has multiple features that make it more than just a storage place for your Trashies. First the Dunk’n Dumpster comes with eight tiny pegs that allow you to place your Trashies; with no wobble, also the Dunk’n Dumpster can be closed to make it easier to store, and finally the coolest feature is the Dunk’n Dumpster comes with a target and movable trash can. This movable trash can connects to the target to act as a trigger system. Once the target is pulled back the trash can swings forward launching your Trashies into the garbage! The set in general has nice mini features to make it a good play set as well as a nice place to store your Trashies. Moose has tried hard to expand the Trash Pack series and they are coming up with cool ways to make play sets fun and new just like the Dunk’n Dumpster!

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