Trash Pack 8 Pack Collectible with Fizz Feature

Moose has once created a cool new Trash Pack collectable series that will make you re-think the possibilities of collecting Trash Pack collectables! One of the new Trash Pack collectables comes with eight Trashies that you can collect from the new series 2 Trash Pack series! These trash Packs come with five Trashies; two of them are shown while two are hidden inside of the trash cans themselves. The other three are probably hidden inside of the coolest place you can imagine! The other three Trashies are inside of a “fizz” up bag! The steps to discovering your new Trashies is simple. First you get a bowl full of warm water and you take the bag and place it into the warm water, once you place the bag into the water the bag will begin to fizz and your Trashies will slowly appear!

In my opinion Moose discovered a very cool way for kids to open up collectable packs and see what they received. Instead of your regular open and find, this gives kids the opportunity to find what character they revieved will having a fun time opening it. All in all the pack was exciting to open and can really help expand your Trashies collection!

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Video hands on review:

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