Trash Pack 5 Pack Collection

Once again Moose has released a cool new line up of Trash Pack products! These new products have cool new features that I have never seen before. The new Trash Pack product that will be the base of my review is the new Trash Pack 5 collection! This new pack is similar to the old 5 pack collection but instead of green trashcans, the new cans are colored orange. Also the new Trash Pack products feature new Trash Pack characters. All of these new characters can be found on the back of your Trash Pack case. After opening the case I received five different trash pack characters, these characters are the ultra rare Squirmer, the ultra rare Yucko Taco, the common Trash Tube, the common Sludge Slug, and the common Sludger. Besides collecting these items for show, you can also use these items to play cool games; these games are all included on a card inside of the product. These games can range from ordinary stack the Trash Pack, or a game of knock out, but with your Trash Pack toys! Overall these toys are fun for young kids and are great for collecting!

Video hands on review:

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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