Black Ops II

Can you believe it! Another Call of Duty game is coming out to continue to entertain its consumers! The all famous Black Ops game is coming out with a sequel! Black Ops II is going to be set in the future where robots are now the new super soldiers, but what happens when those robots are taken over by an evil force, and they begin to attack their creators? The new Black Ops Game will show the heroic actions of a true soldier and his ability to outperform the robots! From the looks of the game, the new Black Ops II game play is going to be slightly different from the original call of duty games; one example of these changes is that the trailer introduces aerial combat. Now I probably know what you are thinking or, Wait couldn’t you use an AC-130 or an Osprey Gunner? Well if that’s what you’re thinking than yes you did get to go areal with these vehicles, but now they have all new air vehicles that can be easily maneuvered like the all new Quad Rotor Drone! This crazy new game will be coming out on 11/13/12, and from then on the future is going to be BLACK! Watch out for the new Black Ops II game!

The game will be released on November 13, 2012 and can be pre-ordered at Amazon and Game Stop

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