Squishy Baff Hands On Review

If you’re child doesn’t like taking baths, or is bored with their regular everyday baths, you can mix things up with Squishy Baff. This non-irritant, environmentally safe powder can easily be added to the water in your tub or pool and will magically turn the water into fun colorful goo. For children 5 and up, this goo will make bath time more fun and a lot easier for everyone. This packet comes with 15.9 ounces of Squishy Baff and Dissolver, enough for two fun bath times! The cleanup is easy too, just add the dissolver to turn the goo back into water and watch it all go down the drain. Now kids will online casino reviews finally be excited to take baths. Just “sprinkle, play, and dissolve” casino online as easy and simple as that, and you will be the hero of bath time. Let your child use their imagination as they have a blast with the colorful goo, and then you both can be amazed when it all magically turns back into water for an easy clean up. With no irritants, artificial fragrance and preservatives this toy is fun for everyone. Sold in a variety of colors for $9.99

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