LEGO Monster Fighters

Coming this Spring, the newest and scariest Lego sets are rolling out at a retailer near you! Get ready for The Mummy, Swamp Creature, Werewolf, Vampires, and even a Vampire Bride and Man Bats to be causing chaos in the Lego Universe!

There is currently six sets set up to be released, ranging in price from $7.99 to $109.99. Recommended for ages 7 and up due to small parts, these sets are sure to be hot and hard to find items, if nothing else, for the cool factor alone!

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The Mummy
Ann Lee in her helicopter with spinning rotors tries to capture the moonstone from the Mummy who drives a chariot pulled by a glow in the dark skeleton horse. Included in the set are both vehicles, moonstone, 3 weapons and two minifigures. Price: $14.99

Swamp Creature

The Swamp Creature fights off Frank Rock in an epic struggle for the moonstone. Frank Rock drives his swamp boat through the swamp. Swamp boat has spinning rotor and dual flicking missiles. The swamp creature hides in his swamp with his fish. Set includes moonstone, fish, swamp, swampboat, and two minifigures. Price: $7.99

The Werewolf

Something spooky is causing mayhem under the full moon. Major Quinton Steele must search through the woods to find the moonstone. As he travels up to a big scary tree in his hotrod he has no idea that the Werewolf is hiding in the ambush section of the old tree. At the last moment he sees the glow in the dark claws and is able to capture the moonstone and escape unharmed! This set includes two minifigures, tree with ambush section, Major Quinton’s hotrod, moonstone, and weapon. Price: $24.99

The Vampire Hearse

The coolest hotrod hearse in town is driven by a Zombie and owned by a Vampire! With teeth, flames pattern, and flaming supercharged blower motor this hearse is a force to be reckoned with! Dr. Rodney Rathbone has to chase down the hearse on his motorcycle, but is he ready to take on the catapult? The Vampire awakens inside from the coffin and fights back to keep the moonstone! Set comes with 3 minifigures, hearse, motorcycle, moonstone, and four weapons. Price: 39.99

The Ghost Train

Frank Rock and Ann Lee team up to slow the ghost train down and capture the moonstone, but can they fight off the three ghosts on board and get to safety in their helicopter? If they get caught, they are sure to end up in the on train prison. They must try and suck the ghosts up using the vacuum weapon! Helicopter also has flick missiles, and a spinning propeller. Train features lots of glow in the dark pieces, prison, and detachable carriages. Set includes train, 3 ghosts, Frank Rock and Ann Lee, helicopter with vacuum weapon, moonstone and weapons. Price: $84.99

The Vampire Castle

It’s the final showdown at the Vampire Castle. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer must find their way through the castle and avoid trapdoors, hidden spikes, and shooting spiders or they could end up in the dungeon! With secret entrances, the Vampire and Vampire Bride are only the beginning of their problems, they also have to beware the two Man Bats that protect the owners of the castle! They can use the Hero Car with net launcher to capture the Man Bats and 4 weapons to search through the castle following the organ music until they find the coffin where the moonstone is being kept! Set comes with 6 minifigures, castle, hero car, 4 weapons, moonstone, and additional pieces in the castle. Price: $109.99

Check out LEGO Monster Fighters tracker.

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