Air Hogs Heli Cage Hands On Review

As much as we would all like to admit that we can fly an indoor helicopter, the truth is that in reality they are a little difficult to get used to. The worst part about flying a new helicopter is that before we can even get used to flying the plane we end up crashing the helicopter into a table or a random plant and before you know it your plane is broken because the cheap Styrofoam won’t hold. Air Hogs as been in business for quite some time now and they have really improved their techniques for making planes. The new Air Hogs Heli Cage is an upgrade from those cheap Styrofoam planes! The Heli Cage is built with a sturdy yet flexible plastic that can resist hard crashes and flexes on impact. Now the durable plastic may be an upgrade, but that isn’t the only thing protecting the helicopter from a huge hit. Another huge problem with R/C helicopters is that when the plane crashes the main rotor is too exposed and can crack easily. Air Hogs has come up with a simple yet effect way to protect the main rotor. The main motor is surrounded by a cage. The cage is round and surrounds the helicopter kind of like the way an electron circles around an atom! The unique design of the helicopter makes it fun to fly and you don’t have to worry about every little crash that your heli goes through. The price for the plane is not bad for $39.99 you get the Heli Cage, two tail rotors, a removable rotor tool and a remote control.

The plane comes with your basic up, down, left, right, left trim, and right trims controls. The Heli cage has a sleek design and the overall base of the heli is composed of gray, orange, and black paint. Overall the plane is fun and easy to fly and there are really not too many complaints. The only issue I found is that you are really going to want to buy rechargeable batteries to keep the fun going otherwise the plane has no structural flaws and can withstand a lot of hits. Flying an indoor heli is always fun and now the new Heli Cage R/C Helicopter allows you to fly your plane without any worries about it breaking on impact!

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The UNSTOPPABLE, CRASHABLE R/C Heli! Be aggressive! Be daring! The Heli Cage can take on anything! Maneuver through the toughest spaces and let nothing stand in your way. Charge, dodge, smash and don’t look back! It’s innovative ring shield system allows the Heli Cage to keep flying, even when you fly into something. Best of all, when you do crash, it will always land upright, ready for the next flight!

Package Includes:

1 Heli Cage
2 Detachable Rings
1 Controller/Charger

Available Now!

Age: 8+
Suggested retail price: $39.99
Batteries: 6 AA in Remote (not included)

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