Melissa & Doug New Outdoor Toys

Spring is approaching and summer is around the corner! Toy manufacturers are coming out with new outdoor toys and the new Melissa & Doug toys are especially designed for your young kids. Give kids something to play with when they are outdoor. These toys are available mid March 2012, check it out new outdoor toys from Melissa & Doug below:

Sunny Patch Pool Play
Enjoy the playful spirit of Sunny patch at pool time! A jolly crew of “Maritime Mates” brings lots of funny, friendly personality to this imaginative line of pool games and water toys.

Louie Lobster Claw Catcher – Item #: 6669
Price: $12.99 Ages: 5+ years
Squeeze the handle and – SNAP! – Louie Lobster’s claws clamp shut. Colorful, easy to use and so much fun to squeeze, this Louie Lobster play set comes with three fishy sinkers to grab, plus lots of game ideas to inspire playtime in and out of the pool.

Spark Shark Fish Hunt – Item #: 6664
Price: $16.99 Ages: 6+ years
Speed like a hungry shark to gobble up tasty fish! Just grab onto the handle of a Spark Shark net and swim through the pool to scoop up the fishy sinkers. The set comes with two shark nets, six colorful sinkers and lots of play ideas for races, games and more!

Sunny Patch Indoor / Outdoor Lifestyle
Colorful garden themes nurture a love of nature and active play! Sunny Patch toys are designed to have kids exploring, pretending and getting active, indoors and out.

Bella Butterfly Tea Set – Item #: 6181
Price: $19.99 Ages: 3+ years
With rosy colors and charming decorations, this 17-piece butterfly-themed set sweetens tea-party play. The durable, food-safe plastic components are usable at snacktime, too!

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