LeapPad is starting to get hot again

Now, LeapPad is starting to get hot again, maybe because of Easter or maybe more cool apps are coming out for the LeapFrog, or maybe more parents just want to know about the LeapPad. Last year 2011, during the holiday, parents all over the country had been fighting for this cool new gadget for their kids. Everywhere I looked, the LeapPads were sold out, stores had a difficult time trying to keep these hot gadgets in stock!

The LeapPad comes in two colors: purple or green and LeapFrog has a variety of apps for the LeapPad (learning games mainly). It has many choices for parents to choose from. LeapFrog offers a LeapPad for $99.00 (purple or green) and many LeapPad bundles, prices vary for each bundle. You can check them out at LeaFrog.com.

We also have a LeapPad Tracker and it shows who has it in stock.

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