CONTEST OVER: DaGeDar Ball Number 33 RARE Giveaway

DaGeDar™ Rarely Seen from Dimension 33

Nominated for “Boy Toy of the Year 2012”, DaGeDar™ is now not only an ultimate game of racing, but it’s an elite game of collecting. With rare balls out in the marketplace, kids will be on the hunt for those hard-to-find Dags with special DaGeDar powers.

What makes a DaGeDar® ball rare?
A band of elite racers have come from Dimension 33 to Earth to race. They are distinguished by the rare mark they display: the number 33. Each DaGeDar ball has a unique code, name, spirit and quest, but the “33” Dags are known to have higher enlightenment. Dag fans challenge: Find the rare “33” Dags.

Story Ideas
The “33” DaGeDar: Spread the challenge: Finding the “33” Dags!
• Fresh-Mon01001: Born with the mark of “33,” Fresh-Mon has spent his short life, searching for answers and reasons as to why he was given such an honor at birth.
• S.O.L02033: A mechanical lawgiver, who bestows rulings on all judicial matters.
• Diode-X9906116: After a severe sand corrosion, Diode X99 can’t remember his function If he falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disastrous results.
• Sprat Horner06118: A futuristic time explorer, Sprat Horner found himself stranded in Dimension 33 and now must rely upon his wits and weaponry.

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