PS Vita

The day has finally come when Sony revolutionizes portable gaming systems forever! On February 22, 2012 Sony will be releasing their newest PS Portable gaming system to the US and Europe! The new PS Vita is not just your average potable gaming system. This new Play Station device will open up a new era in the way we know portable gaming systems because the PS Vita can do more than just play games! The PS Vita has been given a ton of nicknames but in my opinion it should just be called the mini PS3 because of the way it performs. This new portable gaming system allows you to connect to wi-fi or 3G (depending on which one you purchase) via AT&T. The PS Vita has a home screen similar to the PS3 and can perform just as well! You can also choose through a variety of games such as Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted, or even Little Big Planet. Already the PS Vita can play any of your favorite PS3 games, and connect to Wi-Fi or 3G but unlike your PS3 the PS Vita is light, portable and contains a touch screen! The PS Vita contains similar controls to a PS3 remote such as you analog sticks, your triangle, X, O, square, a right and left bumper, and a D-pad. The new PS Vita is going to change portable gaming systems forever, and just like its name the PS Vita (Vita stands for life) will be a part of its user’s everyday life!

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