Star Wars Fighter Pods

Already working its way into the Hot Toys list for 2012, the new Star Wars Fighter pods are flying off shelves at major retailers like Toys R Us and Target! Series 1 has been released with sets like the “Sith Infiltrator”, “Falcon Millenium”, and the “Class II Fighter Pack”. Similar to “Squinkies” these collectable toys are slightly squishy, but larger than Squinkies and smaller than Lego minifigures. Each set comes with up to 16 figures as well as different vehicles that go along with them. Plastic “pods” can be linked together and are made of a sturdy plastic. You can use the pods to hold the figures on missions or to carry along with you. Each set comes with exclusive collectable figures as well as secret figures that will be in black pods. There is also a smaller 2 pack in a plastic bag you can buy that has a mixed grab of figures in the series.

The 2 packs are priced around $4.50. Larger packs that include vehicles as well, range in price from about $10.00 to $20.00 and can be found at most retailers that carry Star Wars merchandise. The collectability of the figures is likely what will make this toy hotter as the year progresses, and it seems as if more series may be released in the future. These toys are made up of small parts, so the recommended age is 4 and up. There are no batteries required, just open and play!

Star Wars Series 1 Fighter Pods

Star Wars Series 1 Sith Infiltrator Pods

Star Wars Class III Millenium Falcon Pods

Blind Bags


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