A Whole New Way To Play With Your Iphone or Ipod Touch

AppBlaster and Xappr are great companies that produce cool and fun blasters for your smartphone or Iphone, but these companies only produce cool blaster that are only good for playing on your own. Luckily Hasbro is creating a new type of blaster that will have you and your friends playing laser tag together! The new Hasbro Reinvents Laser Tag System is receiving a major update for 2012 on their laser tag systems. The new Nerf laser tag system will be able to support an Iphone or Ipod Touch thanks to a plastic slot located on the top of the gun. Other cool features about the gun is that you can use multiple blasters to play huge laser tag games and afterwards you can track you progress and gear level! A new global laser tag leaderboard is the secret behind this new and cool way to track your progress and see how your friends are scoring on the global scale! This new blaster will be released August 1st 2012 and the set will cost around $40 for one blaster and $70 for the two blaster set. Hasbro is really stepping up their game with the new Nerf Laser Tag system that will allow you to play laser tag at home with all of your friends!

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