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Hero World DC Super Friends Voice Comm Toys by Fisher-Price

Hero World DC Super Friends Voice Comm Toys are available June 2012.

Hero World™ DC Super Friends™ Voice Comm™ Batwing

The Hero World DC Super Friends Voice Comm Batwing brings the excitement of the movies to kids’ imaginations. Batwing features electronics with lights, sounds and hundreds of phrases to interact with Hero World Voice Tech figures. Any Hero World Voice Tech figure can clip into the pilot seat of the Batwing and have a conversation with headquarters as they call them through the vehicle. The speech will come out of each product separately for true “conversing.” Conversations are activated through either the button on the Batwing or the figure. The Batwing is equipped with motion sensors to activate certain motion-based phrases, which a figure can respond to if clipped into the Batwing. Vehicle can sense landing and taking off, pitch right, left, forward and backward. It also has an LED search light that lights up when certain motions are detected. Vehicle has rotating wing rotors and manually spinning props. Vehicle also has a projectile cargo net that shoots out the back, and can then be hooked up to front rescue hook. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, included.

ARP: $39.99
Age: 3-8 years
Availability: June 2012

Hero World™ DC Super Friends™ Voice Comm™ Basic Figure Assortment

The new Hero World DC Super Friends Basic Voice Comm assortment brings innovation to action figures. With on-board speech technology and creative scripting, each figure says hundreds of phrases that make the figures “magically” communicate. Fully integrated electronics enable the figures to say a phrase with a push of a button. When kids press the button on another figure, they respond and make it sound like the figures are really talking to each other. When kids plug a figure into the drivers/pilot seat of a vehicle, magical conversation is unlocked: the vehicles know who the character is, allowing for an individual interaction between the character and vehicle. Assortment features Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and The Joker (Each Sold Separately). Each figure comes with a backpack, and a hand tool/play piece. Requires 3 “button cell” batteries, included.

ARP: $14.99
Age: 3-8 years
Availability: June 2012

Hero World™ Rescue Heroes® Voice Comm™ Police Car

The Hero World Rescue Heroes Police Car holds two figures in front: a driver and passenger, as well as the included police dog in the back. The Police Car features electronics with lights, sounds and hundreds of phrases to interact with Hero World Voice Comm figures. Any Hero World Voice Comm figure will clip into the seat of the Car and call headquarters from the vehicle to have a “conversation.” The speech will come out of each product separately for true “conversing.” Conversations are activated through either the button on the car or the figure. The car is equipped with motion sensors to activate certain motion-based phrases, which a figure can respond to if clipped into the car. It also has a two LED police siren rack on top that lights up when certain motions are detected. The car has an actionator on hood that enables the front bumper bars to pop-out like a battering ram. The cruiser will utilize clear parts and a unique look to show that it is a technically advanced Hero World vehicle. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, included.

ARP: $24.99
Age: 3-8 years
Availability: June 2012


CONTEST OVER: DaGeDar Ball Number 33 RARE Giveaway

DaGeDar™ Rarely Seen from Dimension 33

Nominated for “Boy Toy of the Year 2012”, DaGeDar™ is now not only an ultimate game of racing, but it’s an elite game of collecting. With rare balls out in the marketplace, kids will be on the hunt for those hard-to-find Dags with special DaGeDar powers.

What makes a DaGeDar® ball rare?
A band of elite racers have come from Dimension 33 to Earth to race. They are distinguished by the rare mark they display: the number 33. Each DaGeDar ball has a unique code, name, spirit and quest, but the “33” Dags are known to have higher enlightenment. Dag fans challenge: Find the rare “33” Dags.

Story Ideas
The “33” DaGeDar: Spread the challenge: Finding the “33” Dags!
• Fresh-Mon01001: Born with the mark of “33,” Fresh-Mon has spent his short life, searching for answers and reasons as to why he was given such an honor at birth.
• S.O.L02033: A mechanical lawgiver, who bestows rulings on all judicial matters.
• Diode-X9906116: After a severe sand corrosion, Diode X99 can’t remember his function If he falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disastrous results.
• Sprat Horner06118: A futuristic time explorer, Sprat Horner found himself stranded in Dimension 33 and now must rely upon his wits and weaponry.

Now you can get your hands on one of these extremely rare DaGeDar balls free here at! At zoolert you can enter this new DaGeDar giveaway and hopefully you will be the next chosen winner in our contest. Good luck and remember to stay updated! To find out more about DaGeDar, check out

Check out our DaGeDar tracker.

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LeapPad is starting to get hot again

Now, LeapPad is starting to get hot again, maybe because of Easter or maybe more cool apps are coming out for the LeapFrog, or maybe more parents just want to know about the LeapPad. Last year 2011, during the holiday, parents all over the country had been fighting for this cool new gadget for their kids. Everywhere I looked, the LeapPads were sold out, stores had a difficult time trying to keep these hot gadgets in stock!

The LeapPad comes in two colors: purple or green and LeapFrog has a variety of apps for the LeapPad (learning games mainly). It has many choices for parents to choose from. LeapFrog offers a LeapPad for $99.00 (purple or green) and many LeapPad bundles, prices vary for each bundle. You can check them out at

We also have a LeapPad Tracker and it shows who has it in stock.


Dabble Board Game

Scrabble, Boggle, Taboo, and Banagrams are classic word games enjoyed by many. Dabble is quickly climbing onto that list as well. Dabble is a fast thinking word game for people of all ages. It is great for the spelling bee champion while perfect for younger children to learn their vocabulary. This game is great for parties, family game nights, or learning opportunities.
Goal of the Game? It’s actually simple. Out of the 20 mixed up letters, try to make 5 words. The only rules are that the words have to be 2 to 6 letters long, but the 5 words have to be found before time runs out!

For $24.99, this game includes:
• 4 Letter stands
• 80 letter tiles
• A timer
• Letter bag

This prize has won:
• Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games 2011
• Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products 2011
• Creative Child Word Game of the Year 2011
• PAL (Play Advances Language) Award 2011
• Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award 2011
• The Washington Post Great Games 2011
• Noise on Toys Award of Excellence

Available online at Amazon


Wizards of The Coast Legend of Drizzt: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

Wizards of the Coast Legend of Drizzt: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game takes the adventures of Drizzt Do’Urden into a thrilling board game. Players can take on the role as the ranger himself, his companions, or foe. As a game for 1-5 players, the game features various scenarios, quests, and game play. To create an exciting experience for players, the game can be combined with other Dungeon & Dragon Adventure System Cooperative Play board games like Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Asharadalon.

At a price of $64.99, this game includes
• 42 plastic heroes & monsters
• 13 sheets of interlocking cardstock dungeon tiles
• 200 encounter & treasure cards
• Rulebook
• Scenario book
• 20-sided die


Tag Solar System Adventure Pack By Leap Frog

For years Leap Frog has been known as one of the best makers of toys for young children. They have always come up with unique ideas to get kids to play with toys and still learn new things! The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack is a great way for your kids to learn about the solar system and still have a great time! The set is $13.99 and is for kids ages 4 – 8. The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack uses a special Leap Frog “voice” pen that allows your kids to click on the special mat and the pen will read out loud cool information about the universe. The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack also has a 2 – sided mat which contains cool information about our solar system! Take – off into space and watch as your kid’s knowledge of the great beyond increase with every click of the Leap Frog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack!

You can purchase the Tag Solar System Adventure Pack By Leap Frog


CONTEST OVER: appBlaster Giveaway

As many people already know, the appBlaster has already been introduced here at, but thanks to Spin Master we have been able to get our hands on this cool new blaster to review for all of our fellow zoolert fans! The appBalster is for kids ages 8 and up and is a great accessory of any iPod or iPhone. The appBlaster set comes with one appBlaster with a removable stock, one iPod touch insert plate, one iPhone insert plate, one mounting bracket, and one instruction manual. The set is $19.99 MSRP and the appBlaster is compatible with any iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4th gen.

Here I will not get too much into the details of the set because we have already talked about the set in a separate blog, but instead I will be talking more about the pros and cons of this toy. First let’s start off with the cons. The appBlaster App does get little annoying because a pop up appears telling you to purchase other apps, you can always (X) out of the App but I find it to be annoying. The appBlaster technically does not have a reloading system, what you have to do is quickly tilt back the gun to reload, this does bug me a little when I am shooting aliens all around me. Other than those minor problems I have with the gun I do find it to be a lot of fun especially when you challenge your friends to see who can receive a higher score! The appBlaster comes with a lot of accessories and I never had to worry about the iPhone falling out of the case because it was tightly locked inside of the appBlaster case. The appBlaster also has a cool and unique twist that makes this gun fun and addicting. The appBlaster has 360 viewing so you can turn around anywhere you would like and you can still use the appBlaster, but my favorite part about the gun is the background you play the game on. The appBlaster uses the environment you are playing in as the background, so anytime you are in your house and you use the appBlaster your house will be used as the background of the game. This makes it cool to see your couch, bed or any room in the house turn into an infested alien hive! The AppBlaster is a cool new Accessory that turns an ordinary shooting game into a fun survival shooting game for any kid!

Here is our previous blog on the appBlaster: appBlaster Blog

appBlaster Video:

You can purchase the appBlaster at Wal-Mart and Amazon

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New LA DEE DA Doll From Spin Master NY Toy Fair 2012

New LA DEE DA Doll Fashion from Spin Master is available in August 2012

Here’s the stitch-uation: La Dee Da is an outrageous fashion label created by a talented teen named Dee and her 3 BFFs. These girls find inspiration everywhere they look. Even ordinary things inspire HAUTE fashion and design ideas! Whether it’s shakeup makeup, fierce outfits, or crazy purple curls, Dee and her friends always go for the bold. La Dee Da invites real girls to create, imagine, and express themselves through a new kind of fashion play. It’s dee-licious!

Line extensions and accessories include DEE Signature Doll, Sweet Party Collection and World Trip Collection and Fashion Design Sketchbook, Le Bun’s Closet and Studio Fashions will all be available in August at leading retailers and specialty stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and online at Dolls retail at $19.99 MSRP ($24.99 MSRP in Canada); accessory items range from $5.49 to $12.99 MSRP.

Age: 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
New for Fall 2012!

Check out our La Dee Da tracker.


Mega Blocks Fire Patrol Rescue Hands On Review

Mega blocks has come up with another “add on” set to the Block Squad themed Mega Blocks. The Fire Patrol Rescue squad is a great addition to any Mega Blocks Fire Station squad. This set comes with two mini figures and two vehicles. Each mini figure can have their own vehicle to ride around in; this will make it more fun to play because you can use both mini figures! The set is recommended for kids ages 5 and up and comes with 190 Mega Block pieces. Over the course of the year I have seen and received a couple of Mega Blocks sets. These sets are a little difficult to build at first, and the more complex Mega Blocks pieces can be a pain to put in, but once you finish your Mega Block set they are always full of great detail and they are always fun to decorate or play with. The Fire Patrol Rescue set is one of the smaller sets you can purchase to help increase your Mega Block Squad team, but even though these sets are small they never lack detail. Overall the set is pretty simple to build and the set has a lot of great features like the 360 degree hose, the storage container in your truck, and the movable wheels. Any block squad team can be increased to help make a safer Mega Block city and the new Fire Patrol Rescue squad is a great addition to any block squad rescue team!

You can purchase the Mega Blocks Fire Patrol Rescue at Amazon

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.


Disney Princess Sparkling Cinderella and Cinderella Fairytale Castle

Fall 2012 marks the season of Cinderella. To celebrate the release of Disney’s Cinderella: Diamond Edition on DVD and Blu-ray, Mattel will introduce an expanded assortment of dolls and playsets inspired by this beloved Disney Princess character. Bringing every detail of the classic fairytale to life using glamour, light and transformation, Mattel’s assortment of Disney Cinderella fashion dolls, play sets and accessories enhance iconic fashions with a magical sparkle and glitter touch.

Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Cinderella

Disney’s beloved princess Cinderella dazzles in this version of her beautiful powder blue ball gown. This beautiful dress sparkles with icons unique to her fairytale, and as any true princess, Cinderella also wears a matching tiara.

ARP: $11.99
Age: 3+
Availability: Spring 2012

Cinderella Fairytale Castle

Girls can relive Cinderella’s magical story with the Fairytale Castle that includes three MagiClip™ fashions. Easy for little hands, the MagiClip™ fashion innovation allows girls to bring Cinderella’s transformation moments to life with clippable dresses that are gentle on fingers. With two floors, secret reveals, charming details and a castle full of furniture, girls can play out Cinderella’s story from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after.”

ARP: $49.99
Ages: 3+
Available: Fall 2012