New Lego Friends

Lego have once again come up with a new building block series that will suit any girl’s building block needs! In this new Series of Lego’s there are five different dolls (Emma, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie, and Olivia), and each one of these dolls have their very own unique characteristics as well as their very own buildings! Each new character has different jobs and hobbies that can make any girl relate to which new character fits their personality the best! All of these new characters have a great relationship with one another and because these are building block sets you can collect different Friend’s sets, or you can try to connect each Friends set to create an entire Friends community! Toys R Us has already released these new toys and they can be bought at both the Lego shop and the Toys R Us stores. Depending on the set you purchase the prices may vary, and within each set you may choice different characters or you can try to collect every friends set to expand your Lego Friends collection!

Check out Toys R Us and for all of the new Lego Friends sets.

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