Tonka XT Hands On Review

Have you ever played with a remote control car that constantly flips over every time you hit a small bump? Ever since I got into remote control cars I always hated having to pick up my car every time it flipped over, all I wanted to do was be able to sit down and watch my racer go. Unfortunately most remote control cars still have problems with flipping over, but now companies like Hasbro are finding a way around this annoying problem! Hasbro has created a new remote control car that has two working sides! This new remote control car is the Tonka XT. The reason this car is able to avoid the constant flipping is because the front and bottom half is smaller than the wheels. The size of the wheels keep the car constantly moving and even if the car flips over the wheels will still be on the ground! The Tonka XT set comes with one Tonka XT remote control car, one remote control, one instruction manual, and one 3.6V rechargeable battery inside the remote control car.

The Tonka XT car is by far a very unique looking car. The stunts it is able to perform and the ability to constantly move is a major plus! For quite some time I have had a lot of experience with remote control cars, and what I have to say is that there are always three major problems with most of these cars! One problem is the constant flipping, the second is the cars response to the remote, and finally the last is the distance this car is able to travel from the remote. These problems are always a major issue, but with the Tonka XT two out of the three problems are fixed. The flipping is easily fixed, and the remote control response. I have tested the distance and it does not go as far as I hoped. The Tonka XT has similar controls to most cars making it easy to get used to. The car needs to be charged, the back wheels have motors driving each wheel, and you have different channels to control your car. The car basically has two forward triggers on the remote, so turning and spinning may be slightly different. As you can see the car is very similar to most remote control cars, but it takes out most of the unwanted features that comes with those cars! Overall I am pleased to see that new remote control cars are performing better and the Tonka XT is one of the new remote control cars with a very good performance! With a unique and sturdy build, this car can with stand any punishment your kids will throw at it making it a fun indoor RC!


– Never flips over
– Good remote control response
– Can perform stunts
– Full 360 turns
– Different Channels
– IR remote Control
– Comes with a Trick Trigger

– Distance to remote
– Sometimes the car can go be a little confusing to control

You can check out the Tonka XT at Hasbro

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