Nintendo 3DS with Bonus nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog – Pearl Pink

If you haven’t already purchased a Nintendo 3DS and you are still looking for a cheap, but good portable game system then now is the time to buy because Nintendo continues to release bundles with the 3DS that is cheap and comes with some of Nintendo’s most famous games! Toys R Us is selling a new Nintendo 3DS bundle that comes with a pink 3DS and a nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog game. You can purchase this bundle for $169.99 and you can also receive free shipping with this bundle.

As many people have already heard, the Nintendo 3DS can create images from any Nintendo 3DS game and turn them into a 3D image that does not require glasses! This system can turn any Nintendo 3DS game into a whole new experience which will change anyone’s ideas about portable gaming systems, and because the 3DS has the ability to create these images and having personal experiences with the 3DS I can say that the system does create a 3D image, but it does get a little confusing after hours of play! This bundle doesn’t only come with a 3DS but it also comes with a 3D game! Nintendogs is back with another game that will let you take care of your pets in 3D, and for the first time ever the game will be featuring Kittens! You can now raise both species of animals without deciding which animal you like better! The Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary gaming system that will change our views on portable games, and now you can purchase this new system with an all new 3DS game!

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