Chatman Your Online Friend

Ready to meet a new friend without moving a single step from your computer? Im Chatman is the perfect device. Plug him into your computer and everything you do online will become more amusing. Chatman moves, talks, and can even help with homework. Games and videos are a favorite pastime. He’s there for you anytime and every time. He will make you laugh without fail. When you need a new friend, downloadable new personalities are available from

Perfect for kids?

It’s more than perfect for kids of all ages—including the unpredictable teens. Kids can chat with Chatman or their friends on facebook, skype, MSN, and other social network communities. Chatman features include the ability to move his eyes, ears, and hands. He can talk right back to you with a state of the art build-in speaker and LED mouth sync. He is the perfect friend since he can understand and expresses emotions like a real person. With multiply personalities, you can choose Chatman to be a male or a female with over 2,000 chit chats, 30 customizable moods, and can recognize over 15,000 words. The limitations are not restricted; you can teach him new words and new actions to make him fit in which ever personality you wish. Chatman can play games and watch videos, help with homework by helping you browse for answers in the cyber world, and remind you with calendar events.


With the digital age, cyber safety is a new important concern for parents, but Chatman can help with that. Chatman is not a stand-alone chat platform so he alerts when inappropriate chat is exchanged and when inappropriate web searches are attempted. Parents can add additional malicious expressions or questions to watch out for. Programming to filter web browsing to safe websites only, ensuring Chatman is not disconnected by kids and is always active when surfing the web, and receiving reports of malicious content and dangerous website that were accessed are all within the program to create the optimum safe cyber environment.

At a price of $74.99, the Im Chatman is a great toy for kids of all ages while maintaining a safe cyber environment in the digital age.

Available online at Toys R Us


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