D2 Series Sky and Giga Dragonoid

The D2 series of Bakugan is probably one of the coolest new Bakugan series that I have encountered! This new series continues to release new Bakugan that really boggle my mind! I was lucky enough to grab the Sky and Giga Dragonoid set because it shocked me beyond belief! When you first take a glimpse at the set you think that it is two separate Bakugan, but you will realize that this set is more like a two in one Bakugan! The set comes with two Bakugan (a sky and giga Dragonoid), one gate card, one instruction manual, and an ability card. Now that you realize that these Bakugan aren’t what they seem, you will notice that you can’t close either Bakugan without combining the two! If you read the instruction manual you will notice that you have to combine the two Bakugan to create one Bakugan ball. When you look at the ball or show it to anyone who doesn’t know the secret behind the ball, they will assume that you only have one Bakugan, but once you roll your Bakugan onto a gate card the Sky Dragonoid will fly out to surprise your opponent! Overall this set comes with a ton of surprises! From the two in one action to the Sky Dragonoid popping open and “flying”! Don’t under estimate these Bakugan due to their size because they are sure to pack a punch!

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