BAKUSTAND Fangoid Bakugan Hands On Review

The new Bakustand series of Bakugan is like the original version of Bakugan with a slight adjustment! The Bakugan that I received in this new Bakustand series was Fangoid. Fangoid is a serpent like Bakugan that has a high G power and is full of great detail. This set comes with one gate card, one ability card, and one Fangoid Bakugan. The set is nice and will make a great addition to any Bakugan set! Fangoid pops open very simply, and when he is fully extended he looks very ferocious! Now that you know what Fangoid is capable of, you are probably wondering what is so unique about this Bakugan. The reason this Bakugan is different is because it actually has the ability to pop open without a gate card! On the Back of this Bakugan you will find a little switch that can be pulled; once the switch has been pulled then the entire Bakugan will pop open. This little trick really makes it easy to play with your Bakugan especially on the go when you can’t find any metal pieces to place your Bakugan onto! All in all this set is very nice and can really make your Bakugan collection stronger! Fangoid may seem like an average Bakugan, but he really does have a unique twist that makes him different from your average Bakugan!

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