D2 Series Phosphos Bakugan Hands On Review

Once again Bakugan continue to release new Bakugan products that really differ from the old version of Bakugan! Spin Master tries to invent new ways of creating Bakugan into something more than just pop and roll. The new Phosphos Bakugan is a combination of a regular Bakugan with a little twist! The set is for kids ages 5 and up and comes with one gate card, one ability card, one instruction manual, and on Phosphos Bakugan. If you have ever played with Bakugan before than you know that it is basically roll and pop. Spin Master was catching on to the fact that although these toys are cool and still very unique, the pop and roll aspect was going to get old real soon, so they decided to keep the idea of pop and roll and add a simple button to the back of the Bakugan. This Phosphos Bakugan has a special surprise once it pops open. At first you will think that your Bakugan is broken but really if you click the button on the back of this beast you will notice that four extra heads will pop out and will add more G power to your overall Bakugan! This little twist does add a lot more fun to the set, but the set doesn’t end there! This particular Bakugan comes with silver pieces that add to the look and finish of the overall Bakugan! Overall the set is unique, full of great detail, and can make any Bakugan collection better!

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